Monday, 25 June 2012

Time to customise...

Today I finally settled down to customise a t-shirt which belongs to my brother's girlfriend (it had been in the 'to do' pile for too long)!  

It started out as a really simple vest style top.  

For a looser fit I was asked to add black lace panels to either side.  To do this, I first made a pattern piece by marking my size requirements (+seam allowances) onto tracing paper using a ruler and set square.  I then cut out the pattern piece and pinned to my fabric in the usual way.  

The next step was to overlock the four sides of each lace piece.  I then turned over the seam allowances on the top and bottom and stitched into place.  

I opened up each side of the t-shirt using a seam ripper.  I pinned and tacked the lace pieces into place.  The lace has a bit of stretch in it so it was not the easiest fabric to work with.  I finished by machine stitching into place and removing the tacking.  



I love the lace effect, I think I will have to re-create this simple technique again but this time on something I get to keep!  Has anyone else customised using lace?  Feel free to share a link to your blog for me to nosy at!  


  1. This is such a great idea! Love love this!

  2. Cheers! Have you up-cycled/customised any of your own clothes? xx