Sunday, 11 August 2013

Jumpsuit - Part 2

My jumpsuit is complete!  I think it's the most flattering thing I have made so far and I am excited to wear it.

The pattern was time consuming to make with the construction itself only taking a couple of weeks.  This is the second invisible zip I have inserted and a tricky yet important one to get level, given the different fabric choices.  I am pleased that it appears entirely invisible.

More for my own benefit, should I attempt to make this again, here are the stages of construction:  
  1. Draw, alter and finalise pattern using a sample of chosen material;
  2. Cut pattern pieces;
  3. Sew darts.  Press;
  4. Sew side and inside leg seams.  Press;
  5. Sew front seam up to zip opening.  Press;
  6. Repeat steps 2 - 5 for the lining which is cut to finish at the knee;
  7. Tack lining to pants, wrong side to wrong side;
  8. Construct top in accordance with manufacturers instructions;
  9. Sew top (keeping lining free) to pants, right side to right side;
  10. Press seam up into top;
  11. Slip stitch top lining to pants lining so that it encloses the seam;
  12. Insert invisible zip;
  13. Add hook and eye.  Slip stitch zip seam to lining;
  14. Machine hem each leg - turn up 1 cm and press, then turn up 1.5cm.  Tack and machine stitch in place;
  15. Finish with some swing tacks (See post 'Liberty print jacket - Part 4'), to secure the pants lining to the side seams of the pants. 

Despite buying extra fabric for a working sample and to line the pants, albeit only to the knee, my jumpsuit is the cheapest thing I've made so far:

Navy lightweight fabric 4m at £2.95 per metre £11.80
14'' invizible zip £0.60 from Discount Haberdashery  £0.60
Thread  2 x £1.55 per spool £3.10
Satin and matching lining Already had from Duchess dress £0
TOTAL £15.50