Wednesday, 12 March 2014

'Kiss' cushion

Finally, FINALLY, I have completed this project!
I first featured my progress on this embroidery back in October 2012, see post 'Out with one project...'

I am incredibly slow at finishing projects because I have so many on the go at once but I didn't anticipate it would take me into 2014 to finish it.  I must have started it around end 2010! 

I love this embroidery design by Emily Peacock and I am delighted with how the finished embroidery looks. Just the 'Hug' cushion to go now then...!  

To construct the cushion cover I followed a really detailed two part tutorial by Nicole at Maven + Maison (

Materials needed
Here are the links:

I made a few little tweaks (in italics).  Here is a brief outline of the process I followed:

Steps 7 to 8
1.       Wash, dry and iron all fabrics and trimmings (including embroidery – cold water);
2.       Apply lightweight iron on interfacing to wrong side of embroidery (it should measure design size + 1.5cm all around);
3.       Trim finished embroidery leaving a border of 1.5cm all around;
4.       Cut upholstery fabric to the same size;
5.       Over lock edges;
6.       Mark opening for zip which should be central;
7.       Insert one side of zip on upholstery fabric;
8.       Apply length of trim to the bottom edge of the embroidery and machine into position;
9.       Insert the other side of the zip on top of the trimmed edge making sure the zip is aligned correctly;
10.   Finish seams at either end of the zip;
11.   Apply length of trim to the top edge of the embroidery and machine into position;
12.   Pin and tack the three loose edges of the cover together and machine;
13.   Cut diagonally close to stitching at corners and over lock;
14.   Turn and insert cushion pad.

I would recommend following the tutorial at Maven + Maison if you are making any cushion cover with a trim; it's simple to follow, easily adaptable to your needs and has a professional finish with the concealed zip.

The cost of this project isn't for the faint hearted as you will see below; Having said that, I don't think it's worth scrimping and scraping on the upholstery fabric or the trim - the detail is what makes it!  Take it from me that if you spread the cost over a few wage packs it is a little easier to stomach.  And not forgetting this sells for a whopping £375 (

Item Supplier Quantity £
Kiss' tapestry kit, small 1 (bought with 'Hug' for discount) 50
27'' x 9'' feather cushion pad 1 14
White Knightsbridge upholstery fabric 0.5m @ £12.90 per metre 6.45
White bobble fringe, large 1.75m @ sale price of £7.20 per metre (usually £9 per metre) 12.6
White YKK concealed zip, 22 inches 1 2.96
Thread and lightweight interfacing Any haberdashery - already had
TOTAL 86.01

It fits perfectly on my one seater!

Has anyone else made this embroidery into a cushion cover?  I'd love to see some photos!