Saturday, 2 June 2012


Since my last post (where I showed you my completed English Rose dress) I have been on a short break to York which I thought was the perfect occasion to wear it.  The sun was shining and I received some lovely comments from one or two strangers which was very flattering.  York has a little 'Crafter's Trail' around the craft and haberdashery stores which was lovely to follow on their nice map/pamphlet. 

Also I am very excited to report my latest investment, a Bernina 700D overlocker!  I say my was a birthday present off my Mum.  It runs extremely smoothly and I am very happy with it.  With a sewing machine and overlocker I needed somewhere for them to live so I invested in a cast iron Singer table base with added table top.  My dad drove to Bradford to pick it up with me (I think I still owe him for that)! 

Anyway, I am very happy to occupy a small corner of our house for my dressmaking!

The man who restored the base painted gold detailing on the Singer name and on the side decorations also.


  1. Hi there!
    I am Carolina writing from Florida in the US. I am also struggling with the same pattern (M6508). Coincidentally we pick the same color!! My history: this adorable emerald satin dress will be part of my Halloween costume!I will gladly post a picture when it is done! :) Anyways...I am stuck on the bounce back part. You are correct: no instructions! How did you figure it out?? I am doing the strapless, gathered top with A skirt.
    Any help is very welcome!!!! Cheers, Carolina

  2. Hi Carolina, thank you for your comments and for visiting the blog! It's especially lovely to hear from you with you being in the US! I'm sure the dress will be lovely for your Halloween celebrations and I will be more than happy to offer my help if I can. What exactly do you mean by the bounce back part? It would be helpful if you could tell me which stage of the instructions you are stuck on, and then I can get my pattern out and have a look at how I did it.

    I'll look forward to hearing from you! Best Wishes, Charlotte x