Friday, 22 June 2012

Duchess - Part 2

Well here it is, the finished product!

I was still finishing this off yesterday just before my ball.  I managed to get it done in time with just a little bit of stressing out.  

I machine gathered the skirt at first but it looked awful so I unpicked it all and hand gathered instead.  

This was my first attempt at an invisible zip.  I love the special foot for the machine and I found it quite straightforward to do.  

I would love to hear what you think.  Has anyone else made McCall's M6508?  I would love to see some other versions of this pattern!

Cost of materials:
2.5m satin @ £9.95 per metre = £24.88
3m lining @ £2 per metre =        £6
Pattern M6508 =                         £4.13
16'' invisible zip =                         £3
Thread @1.55 per reel =              £3.10

Total =                                          £41.11