Sunday, 11 November 2012

Liberty print jacket - Part 2

Well, I've been on a roll this weekend!

Firstly, I've sewn the front and side front together and then added the welts.  This is my fist encounter with fake pockets and I think they look quite good!
From this...

To this...

Next it was onto the back pieces...

And then joining the front to the back...

I even made a start on the lining!

This is the front facing joined to the side lining
Back lining

And then I decided that it was time to come out of hibernation and put the sewing down for a bit!  There isn't much more I can do before having the jacket fitted.  I need to try it on and make any alterations before inserting the sleeves and completing the lining.  Then it will be a case of joining it all together and adding the collar.  

I still need to find a nice button, which is proving difficult.  I might wait until the Knitting and Stitching Show at Harrogate in a few weeks to find the perfect one.  

But I'm excited with my progress as I want to get on with making a dress for Christmas! 

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