Friday, 14 April 2017

Baby steps into advanced crochet

Its been a year give or take a few days since I completed my learn to crochet course and my Easter wreath is hanging once more in the kitchen, bringing the Spring indoors.  I recently revisited a coaster pattern and played around making several up in neutral shades for a birthdy present.  It's satisfying to see how much easier and quicker these were the second time round, and also how my tension has improved and regularised.  

Coffee and mint coloured coasters in Drops Paris cotton
So now the basics are well practised I've started trying patterns that are more challenging and working with different wools, including Drops pattern 'Baby Steps' in Drops Baby Alpaca Silk.  I've put my review of the pattern on Ravelry (@CharGoonan) but in short, it's pretty decent once you've worked out how to follow the instructions for the size you're making.  There are three useful questions and answers in the comments section of the pattern online which I'd recommend reading before you start to help with this.   

Here are my baby steps into complex crochet...

Size 6-9 months

A little present for a little boy

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