Monday, 4 July 2016

Summer vibes, by the seaside

It feels good to be back behind my sewing machine!

Finished cushion with the kit image
I thought I'd reminisce about the glorious Nha Trang beach in Vietnam with a little 10 inch square seascape cushion.  I picked this up as a kit for a mere £7 at the Knitting and Stitch show last winter from Sally Holman and I managed to complete it in one weekend of evening sewing.   

It's simple yet effective, I particularly love the applique images as I got to mess around with decorative stitches on the machine.  The instructions for making the cushion front are very good; the only thing missing from the kit is instructions for making the cushion up and some more stranded cotton for the embroidery (I ran out very quickly)! 

I really enjoyed this project and hope to see Sally's other designs at the show this year. 

The only thing left to decide on is where to put it...


The seams are hidden between the interfacing and decorative fabric which is folded and pleated to add texture
Lighthouse with machine zig zag stitch
Seagull with free form feather stitch
Beach hut
Sail boat with blanket stitch, by hand

I managed to finish my crochet daisy headband whilst on holiday!  Here it is...
I used a cream top stitch thread to finish off the inner seam of the outer border

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