Sunday, 28 December 2014

Cornish Leather - Part 3

The dress is complete, the best part of ten months later!

What a project!  There was so much to do and learn that I found it difficult to blog about it all at the time.  I've learnt how to:

1.  Make cuffs and rouleau loops, plus secure shanked covered buttons

Made b y  How great do these look with covered backs?!
2.  Make a continuous lap on a sleeve (what you get on men's shirts)

The lap when it's shut
3.  Work with leather

4.  Pattern match
The white line runs vertically down the centre of the dress and each pleat matches
5.  Prevent waist stretch by securing a thin petersham ribbon to the waist seam allowance

6.  Blind hem by hand

  7.  (most importantly) press pleats!  What a pain that is. 

I'm very happy with it, the only thing left to decide is when to wear it for the first time?!

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