Friday, 3 January 2014

Lace Dress

Happy New Year everyone!

Part of my resolution is to stop neglecting the blog as I have done these past few months.  The trouble is that I started making McCall's M6505, a challenge in many respects, which was the source of all my attention.

M6505 envelope
I was attracted to this pattern from the modern envelope which many of you will appreciate is all too unfamiliar.  Usually a stretch of the imagination is required...could I make that look nice in a modern, less garish fabric?...

So this project seemed ready made with the illustration in lace and my first 'Phoebe Couture' from McCall's. 

I cut the decorative edge off my fabric and used as the trim
It was familiar techniques executed in an unfamiliar way as opposed to a complex pattern which made this dress challenging. After all the dress only requires 3 pieces, the others are bindings and lining/underlining. 

Here's what I mean:
  1. Single point darts sewn using French seams;
  2. Double point darts stitched through underlining and back of dress to anchor the underlining to the dress;
  3. Lace trim as neck edge, sleeve edge and hem.

And a few new techniques for me: 
  1. Working with lace;
  2. Working with BLACK lace and BLACK thread!  (Don't even think about making a mistake as unpicking is a big No!).
  3. Satin armhole and back neck edge bindings.
The purple underlining shows through a little,
but not as much as I hoped.

The darts shape the dress into a lovely fit and it is generally loose fitting on the thighs so even pear shapes like me can get away with this one!  Even though this pattern can be difficult to follow the effort is worth it for a classic style and elegant effect in lace. 

And the cost?  Not too bad...
Item Quantity £
Lace   2.5 metres @ £8.95 per metre 22.36
Purple lining 3 metres @ £2.25 per metre 6.75
Zip  2.5
Thread 2 x £1.55 (black, purple) 3.1
TOTAL £34.71

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