Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Liberty Loveliness

Everyone has experienced the feeling that something is just not destined to happen and for myself I felt like this on my Lancaster trip!

I was so excited to finally visit the elusive fabric shop which I had imagined to be a Liberty haven.  So after a late Thursday evening I speedily got into a taxi on Friday afternoon to Standfast and Barracks.  You can imagine my disappointment as the staff shut the shop door in my face leaving me with an unsatisfied tantalising glimpse of the inside.   Unfortunately for me, the shop had changed its opening times from closing at 3pm on weekdays till 1pm.

M6 Junction 34.  When exiting motorway follow signs for Lancaster City centre.  The shop will be on your right next to the Shell garage.  Car park is on the left hand side of the road opposite the shop.
Perseverance won out in the end though as I walked there in the rain the following day.  FINALLY I got to go inside!  What I found was a pleasant variety of silks and heavyweight cottons.  Unfortunately I could not find a printed silk for pattern V8727 as the patterns on offer were all too large for the dress; ideally I need a small print that will repeat several times on the dress, so the search continues!

The Liberty section was not as large as I expected, nevertheless I could not be disappointed with the limited choice at only £5 per metre! 

I bought a traditional Liberty print which I plan on using to make a women’s scarf or a man’s tie – I cannot decide which at the moment!  Please comment with your suggestions!

I also bought this not so distinctive Liberty fabric which will eventually be turned into a cropped fitted jacket.  I had picked up the pattern the previous day in Fabrix, which is located next to Marcos restaurant and where I bought the English Rose fabric from. 

Not so unusually for me I have plenty to be getting on with and I would say that a trip to Standfast and Barracks is a must for any crafter; dressmaker or soft furnishings maker.  Hopefully after reading this post you will avoid any disappointment with opening hours! 

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